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Online Group Classes

Online Group Classes



This October I will be offering online group tuition classes; helping to make tuition more accessible, and to benefit more students.  There are numerous benefits to group tuition, including the enjoyment children get when working and learning with their peers.


The provision of group tuition enables students to learn collaboratively, successfully solving problems together.  This can significantly enhance a student’s confidence in their own ability, enabling them to apply their knowledge to unfamiliar situations/problems, safe in the security of the group.  When amongst peers, students feel less alone, knowing it’s not just them that struggle with a particular concept or topic.

For many students learning in a peer group with a healthy level of competition, friendship and support, with tutor guidance, makes accomplishing academic success enjoyable, boosting their confidence.

Primary group tuition classes start Saturday 3rd October 2020


Maths classes:                                                                                           

8:40 – 9:45am   Year 1 & Year 2

11:15am – 12:20pm   Year 3 & Year 4                                                                        

1:25 – 2.30pm   Year 5

2:40 – 3.45pm   Year 6

A minimum of 3 students are required for group lessons to go ahead, with a maximum of 6 students per group. £10 per student per hour. 

Fees for students:

EY, KS1, KS2 Price

KS3/KS4 Price

1:1 (1 student)
£30 per hour per student
£35 per hour per student
Paired (2 Students)
£20 per hour per student
£25 per hour per student
Small Group (3+ students up to a maximum of 6)*
£10 per hour per student
£15 per hour per student

All online tuition is completed using a combination of Zoom (video software) and Bitpaper (online whiteboard).  All students attending groups are invited to attend a Zoom chat with your tutor, free of charge prior to group tuition starting, to discuss your requirements and needs.

*more online group classes coming soon

If you feel that your child would benefit from learning in a small group, please get in touch today to discuss your needs. Contact me on 07717845007 or

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Benefits of Online Tuition

Benefits of Online Tuition



We live in a digital world, with communication via emails and messaging systems.  Wi-Fi connected devices including doorbells, alarm systems even lightbulbs.  Even in the workplace, video calls and webinars are common place, even more so since lockdown.  It is part of how we live, work and use our leisure time.

Since lockdown I have been tutoring exclusively online, I have seen the impact and benefits it has for both students and parents alike.

These include:

  • No travelling, therefore no delays due to traffic, changing weather or any of the issues that have arisen and resulted in me being delayed during the past 2 years.
  • Location is no longer a problem; I am now able to teach students from across the UK and in fact worldwide.
  • Home comforts, students can complete tuition in the comfort and familiar surroundings of their own home.
  • Access to greater number of digital resources, rather than my resource bag which is rather limited in what I can physically carry to face to face sessions.  I have access not only to my entire digital library, but also to other online resources.  Including science simulations, and manipulatives (cubes, shapes, fractions etc.), making it easier to share resources tailored to the students’ needs, therefore enhancing learning. With work completed in the lesson and homework set (when requested), all available online on the students own bitpaper, which they can access at any time.
  • Immersive experience, I have found that every student who has tried online was impressed with the range of tools and enjoyed what the technology has to offer.  With students learning being rapid and extremely effective. 

I personally find online tuition to be extremely effective, resulting in increased student engagement, with fewer distractions and a high level of focus.  I have also found an increase in creatively, with bitpaper having so many colours and built in shapes, students are able to choose what works best for them, helping them to better recall topics covered.  I am happy to tutor students online and have experience of doing so successfully; please see what current and past clients have to say about online tuition below.

“I just want to send my thanks for offering us online tutoring via Skype. Following a few weeks of face to face lessons, a change in circumstances meant my daughter wouldn’t be able to attend for 3 weeks. Rather than have to cancel you offered us online lessons which I was happy to accept, but to be honest a little sceptical. I shouldn’t have been. The lessons are structured really well and work perfectly using webcams and online learning tools. You’ve done a really great job of keeping the lessons interesting but also really focused. We highly recommend them and Nicola to anyone.” J Yr6

“We have seen our daughter’s progress with her maths improve dramatically since starting tuition with Nicola.  We moved from face to face tuition to online tuition as a result of the COVID-19 situation and this transition has proven extremely successful. Our daughter has continued to thrive with her maths with the online tuition and she really enjoys using the online tools and interaction during her sessions, we have been very impressed with this method.  We would highly recommend Nicola’s tuition service” C Yr8 

“Nicola has been tutoring my daughter for about 6 months. She makes her lessons fun and during lockdown her online zoom lessons have been invaluable.  I would highly recommend Nicola and her friendly and fun approach to learning.” J Yr3 

If I can be of assistance or if you have any questions I’ll be happy to help, feel free to contact me on 07717845007 or



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February Half Term

February Half Term



With February Half Term here once again, keeping the children entertained can be challenging, so here are few ideas of things to do this half term. 

If you would like some Earth friendly fun, then head to We Are Curious at the Harbourside, find out fun ways to make your celebrations kinder on our environment, why not make a eco-friendly decoration, or try a spot of planting in the greenhouse.  Or for those young astronomers and adventurers out there, why not explore the solar system in the UK’s most advanced planetarium or go on a Rocketship adventure with stellar the bear.

If you love lambs, your love Lambing Live back by popular demand this half term at Avon Valley Adventure and Wildlife Park, you might even get to name a lamb on the day!

For those who wish to embrace the unsettled weather, why not try and become the South West Puddle Jumping Champion.  Head over to WWT Slimbridge in Gloucestershire.  All you need is wellies and waterproofs and a love of jumping in puddles.

If the weather is really dreadful and you want an indoor activity that will fascinate and keep the kids entertained then visit Aerospace in Patchway for load of fun activities including robotics, programing, story time and talks.

For an activity that’s fun and exhausting in equal measure try Bump Roller Disco in Millennium Square

I hope you have a lovely Half Term Break. 


For other ideas check out 

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Welcome, I’m really excited to have my new blog up and running. 

If you haven’t already, please join me on facebook, twitter and instagram!

I’d love to get some feedback from my audience.  So tell me…what would you like to see?

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